Monday, October 31, 2011


This is an old form of photography which essentially uses sunlight to have a reactive effect onto an image allowing UV light to pass through an image and create the image onto paper or fabric. Feel free to watch the following You tube clip to familiarize yourself with the technique.

I have chosen a contemporary artist who works with both cyanotypes and textiles to create her unique works of art. Karen Molloy and lives in Somerville USA. She likes to explore architectural motifs and remnants of urban decay. Some of her work includes layering with coloured transparencies or fragmented images stitched together to create thought provoking montages.
Karen’s work expresses the basic visual and textural substrate of her life in the city. Each 2D piece or bookwork draws from the textures and rhythms of her life. All photos used are taken by Karen for her artworks. I particularly relate to the processes of her work and her love for creating books as I am a keen bookbinder.

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