Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Geoff Williams

Considering my love of drawing and finding a contemporary artist who has a similar interest in drawing has led be me investigate the works of local Dunedin artist Geoff Williams.plication he applies.  Not formally trained as an artist but growing up in the world of sign-writing Geoff Williams drawing demonstrates exceptional skill and insight. Check out the following samples of his drawing work.

His work depicts the common place, the humble seagull, his mate`s trucks or boats, with variations from nudes to the Mackenzie Country. Each work begins with a fine detailed preliminary pencil sketch, an artwork in its own right, the ensuing painting then developed using the time-consuming method of crosshatching. This allows for the reflection of the contrasting lights and colour to produce a luminous effect. So exacting is his method it can take up to six weeks to produce just one work, working an eight-hour day.

Geoff Williams' drawings are often used for paintings but as drawings are also seen as exquisite artworks in their own right.

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